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Illustration - Winners 2017

Congratulations to the following winners selected by
the official judging team.
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Rookie of the Year – Winner
Maxime Delcambre

I began at the high school with a professional baccalaureate in visual communication, with a profile of computer graphics specialist, 2D. Then, in study superior, in Game Art at New3dge, I learned about techniques and software there 3D a lot. It allowed me to mix the 2D and the 3D to make concept art. Once awarded a diploma of Game Art with our game ” Judgment ” I directly passed in freelancer concept artist and I work since, on many plans for very different clients. Individuals, small and medium enterprises or also for big firm of the game industry.

France, Paris | New3dge, Game Art
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Rookie of the Year – Runner Up
Daniel Liang

I’m a sophomore student from Taiwan who dreams of being a concept artist in the future. There’s few opportunity in Taiwan to get into the industry ,so I will try my best to make myself better and go outside the island to pursue the dream.

Taiwan, Taipei | National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
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Judges Comments

All the finalists have been able to find their own unique voice within this vast realm of illustration. It is exceedingly difficult to do that nowadays. Finding this is almost more important than the content itself in my opinion.
Justin Holt
Daniel has a great sense of architectural design and composition. I liked the way my eye was drawn to the main thing he was trying to emphasize. He also has a great sense of showing scale and a great understanding of lighting.he has a very interesting and simplistic way of using his brushes but at the same time suggesting great detail.
Gino Acevedo
The level there is really high, it made it hard to pick the best! Congratulation to all the finalists there, you all rock.
Marc Simonetti
Awesome entries. Some great character design and landscapes. Beautiful compositions as well.
Mariano Steiner

People’s Choice Award
Lewis Wagstaff

Voted by the general public using our Facebook Gallery voting system.

My name is Lewis Wagstaff and I am currently finishing my Honours year in Computer Arts at Abertay University, Dundee. I have a keen interest in all aspects of design, especially concept art and graphic design. I like to experiment visually, merging the two fields to generate better final pieces and compositions. I have always been intrigued with great design and constantly strive to improve not only my design, but my creative mentality to devise new and original ideas.

United Kingdom, Dundee | Abertay University, Computer Arts
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