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Game of the Year - Winners 2017

Congratulations to the following winners selected by
the official judging team.
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Console & PC – Game of the Year – Winner
Skybolt Zack

You are Skybolt Zack! Rocket Punch your way from enemy to enemy in this arcade action-platformer. As you destroy lots of enemies, the music goes with your devastation. It will get more and more frenetic. We wanted to create an action game with the same sensations as a rhythm game. Our objective was to create a game where you could choose or dodge music notes. We borrowed many mechanics from the arcade scene. Normally, arcade and rhythm games can be complicated but with this game, we try to be as accessible as possible. The difficulty adapts itself to the performance of the player.

France, Paris | ISART DIGITAL, Producer
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Console & PC – Game of the Year – Runner Up

Fringe is a 3rd person RPG, exploration game, developed by myself, Ben Macauley and Euen Tan. The premise of the game is that you are an inhabitant of an alien alternative planet, with the player taking control of one of the inhabitants. The game will be presented through an open world, with the player’s goal being to navigate their way back to the safety of their village after they suffer an accident during a mining expedition.

United Kingdom, Manchester | University of Hertfordshire, 3D Games Art and Design
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Virtual Reality – Game of the Year – Winner

Centauri is a First-Person Shooter / Platformer in Virtual Reality. You are a scavenger sent to an alien planet to find the salvage of a lifetime. Unfortunately for you, a bunch of other people had the same idea. Fight off the other scavengers, defend yourself from the dangers of an alien world, and collect more alien relics than anyone else!

United States, Savannah | Savannah College of Art and Design, (ITGM-475) ITGM Postproduction
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Virtual Reality – Game of the Year – Runner Up
Jeff’s Tower VR

IT’S TIME TO DEFEND YOUR TOWER! Unleash you’re magical spells and shoot down incoming hordes of enemies of the evil king’s army. In the upcoming VR Title ‘Jeff’s Tower VR’. Protect the runestone, protect the world!

United Kingdom, Cardiff | University of South Wales, BA (Hons) Game Art
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Web & Mobile – Game of the Year – Winner
TILTOFF: A Game of Balance

TILTOFF guarantees an easy way to a better you! Through the proven method of balancing a ball on a yellow platform with a smiley face, you will save time and get results. Experience the change today, download link is below!

Singapore, Singapore | University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts
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Web & Mobile – Game of the Year – Runner Up
Falafel & Finrod

Falafel & Finrod is a simple two player game, designed, built & illustrated by Tristan Klein. Tristan has experimented with interactive projection mapping to enhance the experience. The aim was to make an experimental interactive piece that would bring people together to enjoy a fun and memorable experience. The level layout was inspired from old retro platform games, evident in the use of bespoke retro NES controllers. The characters, Falafel and Finrod, are Tristan’s fantasy pets.

Australia, Sydney | Billy Blue College of Design, Bacholor of Digital Media
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Judges Comments

The finalists were all astonishingly complete games loaded with detail, fun gameplay, and appealing art that provides clear feedback. The games showed detailed examples of story telling through art while remaining functional. Environments characters could move around in, appealing props and weapons, and appealing characters.
Scott Mitchell
Skybolt Zack was fast, frenzied, energetic and fun. Really simple concept executed very, very well.
Steven Manship
The VR Game finalists I chose all show creative use of the technology and provided promising examples of how VR can augment a learning experience.
Scott Mitchell