Architecture – 2016 Winners

The members of our Judging Panel have reviewed all submissions and selected the following category winners.

School of the Year

CICE – Escuela de Nuevas tecnologías – WINNER

Spain, Madrid.
CICE , unique Center Official Training of over 20 multinationals in Spain , is already a community of more than 60,000 students from over 30 countries different, with all approvals of the world leading companies which we teach your Official Training and a staff of professionals certified teachers from the most prestigious Spanish production companies.

All this the result of constant work over more than 30 years of career as a Professional Training School Specialized in Design and New Technologies .

The mission of ICC is to offer best Training Programs supported by the use of new technologies, using outstanding technical and human resources, reaching collaboration agreements and approval with major Companies Sector of new technologies to ensure a renewed knowledge of high professionalism and teaching quality and ultimately, allow us to fulfill our commitment to continue causing an undeniable social impact in Spain and outside our borders, through both the creation of better job opportunities in Spain to select certified profiles New Technologies and the continuous training of the employees of the companies in our country to get keep the pulse of innovation.

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Rookie of the Year

Arman Ron

Arman Ron - Winner

I get most of my inspiration from the nature in a very wide sense, but sometimes in a common or classical way too. Finally, it is not how I look at my subject which is most important, because most of the times, I learn more from how my subject looks at me.

Yan S.Dong

Yan S.Dong - Runner Up

I'm Yan, I'm a 3D artist with focus on Architectural/Environment design ,3D Modeling , Texturing and Lighting; I also love Illustration and Concepting; I find 2D and 3D Art are inseparable, they are like two meshing gears, influencing, shaping and forming each other.

Nikoo Dolatkhah

Nikoo Dolatkhah - Highly Commended

Architecture fascinates me. With a desire to explore how science and technology can be used to improve the performance of buildings both socially and environmentally, architecture has brought out the dichotomy of my personality, allowing me to engage both creatively and scientifically with the aesthetic and functional aspects of design

Andrés Carrión Albert

Andrés Carrión Albert - Highly Commended

My name is Andrés Carrión. I'm an architect and I'm specilized in architecture visualization. I can make modelling, texturing, illumination as well as postproduction.

Judges Comments

This years entrants have demonstrated a great sensibility starting with great concepts and working ideas about sustainability, design and environment. Great to see so much potential coming through.

Alberto Villanueva

Exceptionally good entries in Architecture. Across both this category, and film and Industrial design there are some stand-out talents. Without doubt there are some entrants that will be the stars of the future.

Melissa Sterry

It was a real pleasure to look at the student’s work, the overall presentation was of a very high standard. The students have already a great knowledge of their tools.

Arnaud Valette

Great use of lighting and composition to convey a deep sense of mood and atmosphere.

Noah Vice