Ziwei Wang
Logahead Diving Solution
Safety is what scuba divers are concerned with the most. Lack of preparation and understanding of the dive site can lead to accidents. To prepare, divers log information such as site conditions, time underwater, and maximum depth to keep track of their performance. However,  most of this data is stored in paper logbooks and is hardly used. Inspired, I created a diving log tool that uses this data to help divers stay safe.

Logahead allows you to log your dive experience and uses your data to create an intelligent library of dive knowledge. You can review detailed site conditions and receive equipment recommendations. You know what to expect and how to prepare for each dive. Also, you can log your dives in an interactive and fun way, as well as keep track of your dive performance.

View full project, please visit: http://madebyziwei.com/work/logahead/

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