Sander Vander Meiren
[UE] Uncharted 4 style jungle scene
there is just something about the environments in uncharted that feels breathtaking 
so i decided to try and create a pirate-era village ruin with foliage to test my skills. 
along the process i managed to get from 0 to up to speed with substance painter aswel as substance painter. Since these are widely used programs, i really wanted to get the hang of it. 
this was a really cool project because i learned allot of cool stuff that i can use to speed up my work (took me about a week to finish) 
eg. vertexpaint, landscape paint and sculpt, substance,...

Everything has been created by me (except for some folliage textures are from megascans to speed up the work),
but its heavily inspired by the amazing artwork of the uncharted team.

you can follow my full process on polycount:

Read the workflow article at:

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