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OpenGl Framework
Toon Shader
Deferred Rendering
Roughness only
Image based lighting only
This is an unnamed real time graphics renderer implemented in c++ and openGl.
The purpose of the project is having an easy starting point for future openGl graphics programming projects like games and tech demos. At the same time it can be used as an accessible testing environment for real time graphics, or specific parts like shaders can be reused in other projects.
It features a combination of deferred and forward rendering and an entity component system inspired by larger game engines such as unity.
It is implemented in Visual Studio and uses SDL2, GLM, DevIL, stb_image, GLAD and Assimp.

I modelled and textured the helmet shown in the demo for unreal engine about a year ago, and it now serves as a test asset for my pbr shaders.

UPDATE: I now implemented physically based rendering and image based lighting!

Main Features
  • Physically Based Rendering
  • HighDynamicRange Environment maps
  • Splitsum IBL
  • Deferred rendering with forward rendering on top
  • Postprocessing shader support
  • Environment mapping and skyboxes
  • Stereoscopic normal encoding for optimization
  • Multiple lights | inverse square falloff
To find out more, please visit my website or GitHub

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