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Ducklings - The Co-Parenting Card Game (Developed @ University of Southern California [USC] )
==About The Project ==
Ducklings was created by James Collins during the USC IMGD Course CTIN-488 in Fall 2016- Game Design Workshop for its emotional assignment. Choosing to base the game around sorrow and family, Ducklings was born. During the final project, Ducklings was chosen to be presented and Elaine (Aimee) Zhang and myself, Timothi Ellim (Timothi Lim) were brought onto the project. Together, we created the first playable demo of Ducklings, which improved upon its mechanics and its aesthetics.

In Spring 2017, Ducklings was chosen by faculty to be finished and polished towards a market ready state. Through a semester long process, Ducklings underwent numerous blind playtests and polish states which produced the current iteration of Ducklings - www.presskit.to/ducklings

Ducklings was also entered into the USC New Venture Seed Competition via the Deck Head Games Startup founded by the creators of Ducklings. Through the semester long competition, the founders improved the business aspect of the game, crafting a better business model canvas and conducted more than 56 customer interviews to truly hone not just the game but also our design abilities.

Through a whole year of hard work, Ducklings stands ready to be shown to the world and will need your help to be produced, and that is why we are launching it on Kickstarter in late June 2017.

Developed at the University of Southern California (USC) School of Cinematic Arts Interactive Media and Games Division (IMGD) with support from the USC Marshall School of Business Llyod Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and the Blackstone Launchpad.  

==About Ducklings==
Ducklings - The Co-Parenting Card Game
Physical Card Game
Developed with a team of three as Deck Head Games
Coming to Kickstarter in June 2017

We've designed Ducklings to be a 2v2 cooperative card game where you and a partner must safely guide three ducklings to your new home, but watch out, you aren't the only family who needs to get to safety. Roll the dice, move your family, flip the cards and challenge the choices that are presented by fate. Will you be friendly or will you be fierce? Play with your friends to find out who is (or will be) the worst parent or play it to feel the emotions of parental anxiety.

Find out more at:
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/deckheadgames/
TWITTER : @DeckHeadGames
WEBSITE : www.deckheadgames.com
PRESSKIT : www.presskit.to/ducklings

Designed by Deck Head Games, a USC Entertainment Startup that focuses on connecting people through physical and virtual games. 

Our current team is made up of its three co-founders - James Collins, Elaine (Aimee) Zhang and myself, Timothi Ellim (Timothi Lim) 

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