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Becki Goldsmith
Printed Playlist
(A joint project with Chris Hawtin) 

Printed Playlist
Arjowiggins + Sony Music

Printed Playlist brings your love of digital music into a physical medium. 
By combining the songs on the Sony Music label with papers in the Arjowiggins paper ranges, Printed Playlist offers exclusive never before seen content for lovers of music. Each song is coupled with specific paper choices, in order to allow the user to experience the music they love in a whole new way.

The Website
Through the Sony Music Website, the customer will be able to customise their own Printed Playlist. The site allows the user to add or remove songs from the playlist and adjust the order to suit their own personal preferences. This allows them to generate a Printed Playlist that may have personal meaning to them or perhaps be designed as a gift for friends and/or family.

The Packaging
Each Printed Playlist comes in packaging inspired by equivalent special edition products. Inside of the box, the book is contained in a hard slipcase, held in place using paper as packaging. The papers used are recycled shreds of those found in the book related to the songs that the customer has included. As well as this more “boutique” approach to the small touches of the packaging, the product comes with a thank you message from the Chairman of Sony Music, emphasising the importance of the user, and their love of music, to Sony themselves.

The Papers
Each song in the Printed Playlist is matched against three papers from the Arjowiggins ranges. These matches are based on the feel of the song and genre. Not only does Printed Playlist offer never before seen content on the songs decided by the user, but also presents that content on unique papers, championing the versatility of both paper and print.

Each page of the main body of the book features the name and description of the paper used. Not only does this function as reference for the reader but also provides an insight as to why that specific paper has been paired with the featured song.

The Content
In order to make Printed Playlist enticing to digital music lovers, each book contains exclusive, never before seen content, as well as lyrics for the songs featured. This means that those who want behind the scenes imagery, insights and interviews are able to get it, all within a book designed to champion their love of the music and the importance of paper and the printed medium.

Thank you.

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