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Timothi Lim

Timothi Weihao Lim (Timothi Ellim)

Singapore, Singapore | University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, Interactive Entertainment B.A (IMGD INEN)
Next-Gen Gaming

About Me

"Run wild, run free…"

Timothi Ellim [born Timothi Lim] is a fiction author, game developer, and a visual artist who actively seeks to bring ideas to life through a variety of mediums. When asked what mythological creature he identifies with most, he would often say "Chimera".

Is always down to visit a museum or grab a coffee when not working on personal projects that seek to express a spiritual concept through procedural rhetoric.

Beyond personal projects, Timothi also seeks to develop creative process solutions to help individuals and companies unlock or improve their creative potential. 

Singapore | United States | Currently majors in Interactive Media at USC in LA (formerly pursued a major in Economics) 

"…and always push the boundary."

A note from the Artist:
The works above are a collection of the past two years of my life (September 2015 - 2017). They mark my transition from serving my two years of national military service in Singapore to studying in the United States at the University of Southern California (USC). Now, in present day 2017, I am a Sophomore in USC and am a budding Game Designer and Entertainment Startup Founder (Qgames Interactive and Deck Head Games). Having been able to collate all my past works onto one page has afforded me an opportunity to reflect and so, I thank you so much for the opportunity.

Having reflected, I realise that my life's creative journey pretty much goes like this:
Visual Artist (Classical Mediums, specialised in Oils, later transitioned to Wood Block Prints)
Digital Artist (Photoshop and Illustrator via mouse then Wacom Tablet [which I loved dearly]) 
Musician (Electric Bassist - Classical Rock and Funk)
Writer (Fantasy and Science Fiction) & Poet (Free-Verse) 
Crisis Point (Military Service + Got to choose University) - Made the decision to give up my Creative Art in favor of Economics, a "more logical choice" as put forth by societal pressures and norms. 
Game Design saves my life. Thank you Unity Game Engine. Now committed to producing interactive entertainment works by combining all of knowledge from numerous fields. 

And having reflected upon this journey has allowed me to see that through my experiences, I have come to realise that I truly love learning in itself and that to me is my greatest skill as an Artist, or should I now say, Designer? 

Work History

Please click here to access my full resume and creative portfolio (Google Drive Link)

For my latest experiences:
Summer 2017 ( May - July) 
Spring 2017 (Jan - April) - 

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