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Tim Coddens

Tim Coddens

Belgium, Gent | Howest University - Digital Arts and Entertainment, GameGraphics
Next-Gen Gaming

About Me

Hello there, my name is Tim! I'm currently a student at Howest University (DAE) and I'm studying Game Graphics there. I enjoy being part of projects  and seeing seeing the progress in with my contribution. I haven't settled yet in what I want to focus, because I enjoy modelling, but also texturing. Just as I enjoy environment and prop work, but also character creation! Yes, modelling as well as being part of the design progress really interests me. I love sharing my work with the world and seeing other people enjoy it as well. Making things I can be proud of us what I'm doing it for!

Work History

As said before I'm currently studying at Howest University (DAE). This is the 2nd bachelor degree I'm following, in 2015 I already graduated in Audio/Video production at Artevelde Hogeschool (Belgium). I ran an internship at Labrats, where I did motion graphics (http://labrats.be/) . I also studies in Scotland for 3 months at UWS (in Ayr).
Last summer (2016) I worked 2 months as a vfx and lighting artist on the game KNACK 2 for GRID-vfx (http://www.grid-vfx.com/index.php?page=newsDetail&news=27), which was a great experience with a great team. 

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