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Stefan Misirdzhiev

Stefan Misirdzhiev

United Kingdom, Hatfield | University of Hertfordshire, Video Game Art and Design
Next-Gen Gaming

About Me

Business Student turned Character Artist... go figure

I have been fortunate to partake in undergraduate opportunities in the technologies industry with Microsoft, an area that I am very passionate about which inspires me and I enjoyed working in. I have managed to build up my skills and experience across a broad range of business management functions, winning strategies and organizational design development.

I am now eager to take on any opportunities in the games industry as it has been something that I have followed with a passion for most of my life that I enjoy working and finding inspiration in. I am looking to be part of a creative learning environment which will test and improve my skills and resourcefulness when it comes to concept art and modelling.

And now

I am extremely eager to take on postgraduate opportunities in the Arts and Design field as it has been a long standing dream of mine to work in the games industry as an artist. Through this I hope to follow one of my strongest passions which is art along with my personal interest in video games. Other personal interests and hobbies I have include leading an active lifestyle and being a member of several adventure sports societies like caving, hiking, rock climbing and kayaking.

What has always interested me in this field is the creative challenge to develop new styles and even worlds that are impossible and still feel believable to the audience. My personal interests are character and creature design along with environmental design playing a strong part as well. What draws me to these fields is the ability to tell stories like what a character has been through or what they are about to do solely through their appearance be it pose, design or minor details which can be powerful enough to be interpreted by the audience in unique and interesting ways that feel personal to them.

In regards to work outside of the classroom I have managed to successfully make my way to be published 3 times in the international 3DArtis magazine over the last couple of years as well as winning first place in the HAWKEN competition “Mech Something Awesome”. As such I regularly create personal pieces though both digital and traditional media both as 2D illustrations and 3D models. 

Work History

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