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Robert Lindner

Robert Lindner

United Kingdom, Brighton | Howest University - Digital Arts and Entertainment, Digital Arts & Entertainment - Game Dev
Next-Gen Gaming

About Me

I am a German-English game developer with a focus on graphics programming. I love finding out how things work and visualizing them in a creative way using computer technology.

I first became interested in computer graphics when I started creating 3D art using Blender in 2008.
After majoring in programming at secondary school and also teaching myself digital painting, I moved to Belgium to take a Bachelor in Digital Arts and Entertainment.
Following work on projects in both film and video games, I have increasingly focused on graphics programming, because I enjoy projects that require both logical and creative thinking.

Work History

Ongoing internship at Studio Gobo Brighton

Student Job at DSpace:
  • Quality assurance of graphics models in a 3D library
  • Setting of parameters for a driving simulation in ModelDesk
  • Creating 3D scenarios in MotionDesk
  • Documentation of a modelling workflow in Blender

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