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Kent Donguines


Canada, Vancouver | Vancouver Film School, Film Production
Film Production

About Me


As a fresh graduate and ready to become a part of the film industry, for the first year, I will start meeting the requirements of becoming a permittee logbook holder for Directors’ Guild of Canada and start working for my required number of work days. However, I will not let this stop me from creating independent projects on the side and try to explore the combination of my degree in Communication and Media Studies and film to be my source of income in the said year. 
I’m very much open in coming back in the advertising field to create film-like PSAs and advertisements. I am also interested to apply as a teaching assistant in Vancouver Film School and keep my network source closer to create more projects to gain more experiences and knowledge in my chosen field (either Producing or Cinematography). 
Although, around this time, I’ll keep myself connected with some excellent classmates I met back in film school and start branding together as a team and Produce our own independent films and participate into series of competitions that will give us unending opportunities to keep working our craft such as Telus Storyhive, Crazy8s, etc.


The defining moment in my career. I’ll be more focused in the film industry and as much as possible start working as a union member and climb the ladder from being a Production Assistant to becoming an Assistant Location Manager or a Trainee Assistant Director to add more reach in the network. If given options, I would also explore more of the administrative work in the film industry especially the ones that deals with paperwork and organization.

LONG-TERM GOAL (4TH year onwards)

By this time, I will start knowing more people other than my colleagues that has been in the industry for quite a long time and share some creative content with them that could lead for a chance to Produce a show in the industry or becoming a part of the Producing Department. 
Personally, I’m the type of person who will grab every opportunity in becoming successful and if I see one such as pitching a story for a TV network or a film studio, I will try my best to get funded and Produce my very own show. Moreover, I will keep pursuing my dream in becoming a part of a Warner Bros. film as a part of the producing department and eventually become one of the showrunners of the said film studios. 

“A person needs to dream to live and eventually wakes up to a reality that fulfills his dreams.” 

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Telus Storyhive 2017 Music Video Edition Grant Recipient
"Serpentine Fire"
Project Lead/Producer

Telus Storyhive 2017 Music Video Edition Grant Recipient
Production Manager

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