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Kaden Nugent

Kaden Nugent

United States, Redmond, WA | DigiPen Institute of Technology, BS CS RTIS
Next-Gen Gaming

About Me

Games are a beautiful hybrid of art and technology. Although I specialize on the technical side, I have been constantly expanding my working knowledge of content development. Throughout my professional and academic projects, I have collaborated directly with artists, game designers, and audio designers. I want to create amazing experiences, and to do that, I believe it takes an understanding of how both of these specialties work together.

Whether it is gameplay or UI/UX programming, I enjoy working directly with the content and design teams to create the best cohesive products possible. While I know that being technically competent is important, my leadership skills and ability to collaborate are what make me a powerful asset.

Work History

Software Design Engineer 1 (summer contract worker) at Microsoft on the Minecraft Team. (May 2016 - Sep 2016)

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