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Alvin Wan

Alvin Wan

United States, San Francisco | University of California, Los Angeles, n/a
Web & Mobile

About Me

My acquaintances, friends, and family all know me by my big smile and contagious, emphatic laughter. In fact, my manager at work never messaged to ask me where I was; he just yelled “Alvin” and waited for hysterical laughter - a form of echolocation, you could say. I even feature a keen ticklishness, so at the very least, a wriggly, giggly Alvin is entertaining to sit next to. I've chosen to leverage design as a voice, machine learning as a tool, to amplify the impact I can make. I aspire to one day make a presence at TED, design a new manifestation of augmented reality, and fuse both art and deep learning as I explore a rarely explored intersection of two fields.

Work History

I have had several freelance opportunities but have had no formal design education. However, I currently conduct research in machine learning. Specifically, I work on computer vision for autonomous driving at a startup called DeepScale. At UC Berkeley, I am actively engaged in Deep Reinforcement Learning for robotics, in the RISE lab, and object detection for time series in the Aspire lab. My work additionally bridges biology, chemistry, and physics - I most recently worked with the Ke Xu Chemistry Lab at UC Berkeley to classify clathrin molecules given stochastic optical reconstruction microscopies (STORM), a recent development in point clouds for cellular imaging.

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