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Alexander Richter

Alexander Richter

Germany, Ludwigsburg | Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Technical Directing

About Me

Look- & Software Development | Lighting | Pipeline | FX
        » From law to media
 After graduating from school the only thing I knew was: I wanted to work with media. 
 That is why I began studying law ... in my defense: My specialization was media law. 
After 3 years of law, an internship and first steps in media law I realized that my focus laid in a different area. 
      A friend of mine said once: ‘The lawyer who secretly is an artist.’ 
        » From media to technical

With what I have learned at law I began to study media computer science.
To my surprise there I found the topics I was passionate about: informatics, 3D, art, filmmaking, media psychology and most importantly good people.
Equipped with this knowledge I started to work as a Technical Director intern at the Animationsfabrik GmbH in Hamburg for my bachelor thesis and enjoyed the creative and technical challenges of this position. Therefore I started studying Technical Directing at the Animationsinstitut of the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.

        » From people to inspiration
The most important part of a project is the team. Curious people with great knowledge and a fine culture are the basis for great teamwork. Furthermore being inspired and inspire other people is important for me.
Nice to meet you, I am Alex!

Work History

VES Award 2017 - Winner: "Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project" [Breaking Point]

09.2015 – Present: Animationsinstitut | Ludwigsburg
Technical Director - Student - Look & Software Development | Lighting | Pipeline
Breaking Point | ANIMAN | Drool Pool | Los Mariachis | Planeta De Queso | About Want And Need   

05.2017 – Present: mAHS | Stuttgart
University Lecturer - Freelancer - Technical Director
Animation Development I

09.2016 – Present: Studio Soi | Ludwigsburg
Technical Director - Freelancer - Lead Software Development | Pipeline
The Amazing World of Gumball | PETZI

07.2016 – 08.2016  Framestore | London
Technical Director - Internship - Look Development | Groom | Pipeline

02.2016 – 03.2016 Eder | Stuttgart
Technical Director - Freelancer - Pipeline

08.2013 – 02.2014  Animationsfabrik GmbH | Hamburg
Technical Director – Internship (bachelor thesis) - Lighting | Pipeline
The 7th Dwarf | Keinohrhase und Zweiohrkuecken 

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