TAMATORII Circle Journey

Timothi Lim

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May 25, 2017
Video Description
TAMATORII Circle Journey
This project is currently in development and is in Alpha playable. It will be developed through to the end of 2017, where it will be Beta Ready. The end goal for TAMATORII is to be developed for Mobile systems as well as Handheld consoles such as the PS Vita and/or Nintendo DS / Switch. 

=About TAMATORII Circle Journey == 
Digital Game for PC and Arcade Machines
Developed as a Solo Project
Created November 2016 

TAMATORII is a 3D Physics Based Platformer that sees you, the player, take control of a Ball object (named the Child Sphere) with the goal of reconnecting with the Mother Sphere. Through your journey as the Child Sphere, you will meet much adversity that is similar in difficulty to the older platformer arcade games and modern day renditions such as Super Meat Boy. TAMATORII delivers that same experience but with an innocence that belays its difficult nature, creating conflict for the player. Through experiencing the hardship of controlling the ball and making it to the goal, I seek to enable the player to experience Happiness in Anguish and ultimately, the message that “no matter how tough life gets, we will always rise up and come back”. 

Please note that the above Gameplay footage and the showcase build below use copyrighted music that is created by other artists, and as such, all rights belong to them. The music is used as placeholder until my contracted musician is able to deliver non-copyrighted unique music for the project.

A playable showcase build is available here:
Tags: Unity3D

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