FusionPoint HOT!

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March 22, 2017
Video Description
Fusion Point is a very tough non-combative 3D platforming adventure in which you run, jump, wall-run and dash your way through beautiful sci-fi environments and attempt to discover why your home planet is now in ruins.
The mechanics of the character are quite simple, you can jump, double jump, dash and wallrun. But the game is not as easy as it looks at first glance, the environment has some interesting mechanics of its own.

Download our game over at our development-blog: fusionpointgame.wordpress.com/production-build/
Follow us on twitter for updates: @fusionpointgame

Olmo Potums: artstation.com/artist/olmo
Tigo Van Roy: artstation.com/artist/tigovanroy

Nicolas Leyman: deletenullptr.xyz/
Maxim Deprez: maximdeprez.weebly.com/

Art inpspired by TIM KAMINSKI

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