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Timothi Weihao Lim (Timothi Ellim)

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May 25, 2017
Video Description
Video Description
Acemari Tama-Tabi
Acemari Tama-Tabi | Build 20 | Phase 2 Pre-Alpha

Please note! This game is currently in development and is expected to be Alpha ready by end of Summer 2017
Platforms - PC / Mac via Steam Release. Aiming for handheld consoles such as PS Vita, Nintendo DS / Switch. 

The current playable demo can be downloaded from our Google Drive @

~About the Project~
Acemari started out as a student project in the USC ITP Class 290 - Introduction to Video Game Production taught by Anthony Borquez of Grab Games LLC. There Acemari was born from a design challenge to combine two very different games together. Timothi Ellim (Timothi Lim) partnered with Joao Vilela and together, they chose to combine Konami's Ace Combat 5 and Katamari Damacy together, ultimately creating Acemari Tama-Tabi (which when literally translated, means Ace Truth Soul-Journey). In the final project of the class, Acemari Tama-Tabi was developed into the original working prototype which can be seen here -
Acemari garnered lots of positive reviews from faculty and was encouraged to continue production through to finish in 2016 but sadly that did not materialize due to all of the team members going our separate ways.

Fast forward to Q1 2017, In the USC IMGD Class CTIN 483 - Introduction to Game Development, Timothi Ellim was reunited with Anthony Hernendez, and together with the mentorship of Margaret Moser, they managed to craft the current Phase 2 Build 20 Iteration that is presented here. The current team was pushed to re-evaluate the game by the mentor so as to improve upon its dynamics. This led to the addition of Cosmic Space Whales to save and a free-form open world to explore, of which can be seen here in the NEW gameplay video -

The game is currently in development and is expected to be Alpha ready by end of Summer 2017, in which it will have a pseudo-random open world with different resources to collect and different whales to protect.  

~ About Acemari Tama-Tabi ~

Welcome to Acemari! As an Acemari Tama-Tabi Pilot, it is your duty to protect the
cosmic space whales from extinction by gathering resources from the Dimension of
Worlds! Fly to different worlds, collect the resources and deposit them into the collector.
Don’t collide into anything or you will lose the resources. Remember, no matter what
happens, keep flying on!

Objective - Fly the spaceship, Grab the pickup resources, Chill out and deposit the
pickups in the collector.

~ How to fly ~
Acemari Pilots who have access to an Xbox Gamepad can use that to fly the plane.
Those without can either use W/A/S/D or the Mouse.
Press ESC to access the controls menu while flying and find the best fit for you.
Notes - Casual mode makes flying easier by auto-rotating your plane.

In-flight controls:
Left Shift / F - Warp-Speed (Puts you into warp and doubles your speed!)
G - Fires a Drone helper to seek out a resource for you.
Space Bar - Switches between First-Person Mode and Third-Person Mode

Special Controls (used for debugging by the developer)
M / R - Fires a drone storm that lights up the stars with thousands of drones.
P - Press this at start menu to reset the game to factory settings (let’s you play the
tutorial again).
Have fun!

~ Notes ~
Pickup Anomalies X & Y - picking these up will change the way you see the color of the

Finishing the game unlocks space whales at the start screen.

~ Credits ~

Current Phase Two 2017 Team
Timothi Lim & Anthony Hernendez 

We would also like to thank our other team members who have helped us playtest the 
game with their friends from around the world (They were on the original 2016 Phase One team as well)
● Josh Lai 
● Joao Marcos Vilela 
● Vincent Yang 

Built using Unity 5.5 
Assets used (all owned and royalty free) 
● Low Poly Kit 
● Colorful FX 
● Mizra Beig FX 

Soundtracks used (All rights belong to original artists, used as placeholder music) 
● Aerocity - Daylight 
● BXDN - Raindrops 
● Cypix - Wander 
● Essay - State of Mind 
● Flame Shapes - Nothing 
● Need a Name - Cosmos 
● Random Forest - Awakening 
● Swoof - Waves 
Tags: Unity3D

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