Kent Donguines

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May 20, 2017
Video Description
Logan is a 16-year-old boy whose mother just passed away and now is left alone with his abusive father, Vince. Afraid that his son is not manly enough or even worst, homosexual, Vince tattoos on Logan’s body words that will force him to remember what kind of man he shouldn’t be; weak, fragile, feminine and worthless. As the story moves along Logan is able to connect with his mom spiritually to find strength to accept himself and his sexuality. It’s then that he confronts his father to realize that Vince was just like him, and that he repressed his emotions so long that he couldn’t bear to live with himself anymore. Logan is left with a decision to either leave the physical world and join his mother or stay with his father. He stays with his father after realizing that he might have found the strength to rise higher than the labels on his body, but that some people need more time in embracing who they really are.

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