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Marta Mollá Liñana

Marta Mollá Liñana

Spain, Valencia | Lighbox Academy, Master in 3D modeling and VFX
Visual Effects

About Me

Hello, my name is Marta and I am an industrial design engineer. After finishing my degree, I started to have doubts about what I wanted to work during my entire life. Eventually I realized that this was not the profession I had been longing for. In that moment is when I started to look up information about the 3D industry, which was introduced to me during my degree, and I happened to be fascinated about it. I started to follow some professionals of this sector on social media, and my interest in it was starting to grow so fast. I ended up deciding to move to Madrid and enrolling in a 3D and VFX master. Right now I'm a student wanting to learn everything I can about the magic of 3D, such thing I feel really passionate about.


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