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Rookies All-Star: Apple Qingyang Zhang


Apple Qingyang Zhang enter The Rookies 2016 and absolutely blew the judges away with her amazing illustration skills. She made it into the draft, and ended up with a Highly Commended qualification sitting inside the top 5 entries!



Traveling all the way from China, Apple Qingyang Zhang is dedicated to creating a unique style of conceptual and illustrative art. She has been exploring the realms of art in traditional, 2D and 3D media. Due to her individuality of growing through adventures, she started off for an academic journey in San Francisco years ago. While devoting to establishing a career of Entertainment Arts, her artistic perspective strengthens to combine cultural and contemporary fashion elements, to wander around ancient, modern and futuristic genres while exaggerating emotions, with emphasis on personalities and narrative storytelling so that it could cause resonance for the audience. As a boundless roamer of creativity, Apple never stops seeking inspiration in representing fantastical human art. She sees herself as a contradictory daydreamer, a builder of her own Utopia, and an embracer of the beauty, magnificence and sorrow of life.


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