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What Kenson Wang has to say about a Rookies Internship

Hi everyone my name is Kenson Wang, I am a visual effects compositor from Vancouver, Canada and I was also the winner for 2015 CG Student Awards Bootcamp in Canada region for compositing and matte painting.

Soon after winning my Award I was contacted by Double Negative Vancouver and offered an internship and I have the opportunity to work on movies like Star Trek’s Beyond during my internship. It was a really great experience and I get to know lots of great people from there who are also in contact right now from time to time.

I heard about Award my classmate at school was one term ahead of me and at the time. They were trying to get their demo reel ready for the awards. At the time I was halfway through finishing school and for myself it was really a great kind of opportunity to show the world what my work is like at school before I start my career.

The Rookies was a great kind of opportunity to show the world what my work is like at school, before I start my career.

I look at the judges so it’s a perfect way to get some quick feedback on my work before I start my career. I guess winning the awards gave me a lot of confidence as a student especially when you’re in job fair you are a student and really nervous. You don’t know anyone there and every year there is hundreds if not thousands of new graduates coming out and whatever I can have to make me stand out from the rest when talking to the recruiters that’s going to help me a lot when talking to recruiters.

For programs such as The Rookies it’s pretty well known in the industry for the new graduate and also for the recruiters. Winning something from that it will get you recognised when you’re talking to people in the job fair. At least that’s what I believe!

Winning something from that it will get you recognised when you’re talking to people in the job fair. At least that’s what I believe!

So far working in the industry for two-and-a-half year and have been fortunate enough to work on some of the big companies like MPC Vancouver and Image Engine. Also smaller company like CVD Visual Effects. For those of you who is not familiar with CBD Visual Effects it’s owned by veteran compositor was also based in Vancouver and was my mentor from school.

We are doing a lot of a TV shows, movies, and game cinematics for games like Mass Effects. Currently, I’m working on the Series of Unfortunate Events in the studio and the trailer is about to come out so it’s really exciting. I also work on Kingsglavie for Final Fantasy at Image Engine. It was my first CG show and I learned a lot of new friends new tricks. I guess that’s the thing for that’s the that’s what I like about this industry. You learn something new everyday like even for people that have been doing it for I four years or 10 years or something I see people coming to work every day I learn something new take something back and they give something back to the community. It’s what I really like about working in the visual effects industry and I hope someday I’m able to give back to the community as well.

So to get back to the topic of what I’ve been working on. I also worked on Star Trek Beyond at Double Negative during my internship as well as Batman vs Superman, Hunger Games Mockingjay II , Goosebump, and Monstertruck at MPC Vancouver.

It’s been great two and a half years for me. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some great people along the way who are willing to help me and share their knowledge. I was just there to be a sponge trying to absorb as much information as possible and I guess my advice to other student who are thinking about entering The Rookies. Just put all your effort in making the best demo reel you can possibly make. Be happy you have the opportunity to showcase your work.

I think like it might sound cliche but really just try your best and just put your ego aside because everyone is just trying. They are just there to help and you’re there to learn. As a student, you are just there to try to see what you could improve and that’s how that’s how I was thinking when I entered The Rookies. I didn’t I didn’t enter The Rookies thinking that I’m gonna win. I’m entering thinking of that as a great opportunity to get some exposure for my work. Also to get the advice that could improve my compositing skills.

Don’t think of it as competing with others. Just think of it as showcasing your work, an opportunity for you to show your work.

I hope you guys now know a bit about me and what I’m happy to answer any other question you may have.


Author: Kenson Wang

I am a vancouver based digital compositor who is always on the look out for new opportunities that would allow me to grow and to develop my skills as a VFX artist.

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