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Joachim Jensen
Joachim Jensen Denmark, Aalborg Next-Gen Gaming 3435   0   6
Tobias Orderud
Tobias Orderud Draft Denmark, Viborg Next-Gen Gaming 361   0   1
Bjork Trondheim
Bjork Trondheim Denmark, Viborg Illustration 294   0   1
Kristian Bonne
Kristian Bonne Draft Denmark, Viborg Visual Effects 278   0   0
Simon Holm
Simon Holm Denmark, Copenhagen Next-Gen Gaming 189   0   0
Tomasz Adamski
Tomasz Adamski Denmark, Grenaa Architecture 135   0   1
Malthe Hemmer
Malthe Hemmer Draft Denmark, Aarhus Motion Graphics 116   0   1
Atle Winther
Atle Winther Denmark, Copenhagen Graphic Design 93   0   0