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Thomas Van Nuffel
Thomas Van Nuffel Draft Belgium, Gent Next-Gen Gaming 2370   0   16
Tim Coddens
Tim Coddens Draft Belgium, Gent Next-Gen Gaming 617   0   4
Marie Tyrions
Marie Tyrions Draft Belgium, Gent Visual Effects 430   0   2
Maxim Deprez
Maxim Deprez Draft Belgium, Gent Next-Gen Gaming 376   0   1
Jimmy Ghysens
Jimmy Ghysens Belgium, Gent Next-Gen Gaming 371   0   1
Stijn Orlans
Stijn Orlans Belgium, Gent Graphic Design 290   0   1
Simon Verstraete
Simon Verstraete Draft Belgium, Gent Next-Gen Gaming 279   0   1
Stef De Geest
Stef De Geest Belgium, Gent Web & Mobile 210   0   0