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New3dge Scholarship Finalists - 2018

Hand selected by the official judging team
and displayed alphabetically.
All Finalists
Ahmad Jabassini
Ahmad Jabassini Academy of Art University Architectural Visualisation 404   0   1  
Alex Ferreira
Alex Ferreira EPIIC Game Development 142   0   1  
Aly Farroukh
Aly Farroukh Lisaa Visual Effects 452   0   0  
ANTHONY FILTEAU New3dge Game Development 113   0   0  
Antoine Werder
Antoine Werder Utad Visual Effects 207   0   1  
Aurelie Tapponnier
Aurelie Tapponnier ESMA Feature Animation 519   0   0  
Carlos D. Salazar
Carlos D. Salazar UPV Polytechnic University of Valencia Digital Illustration 2719   0   1  
Christian Beaubrun
Christian Beaubrun ESTEI bordeaux Visual Effects 202   0   1  
Emiliano Giugliano
Emiliano Giugliano Ecole Emil Cohl Digital Illustration 401   0   1  
Fadia Hamam
Fadia Hamam New3dge Game Development 145   0   1  
Florian Roche
Florian Roche L'Idem Perpignan Digital Illustration 281   0   1  
Gonzalo Latorre
Gonzalo Latorre CICE Product Visualisation 989   0   1  
Jon Barbara
Jon Barbara CICE Architectural Visualisation 293   0   1  
Jordan Francfort
Jordan Francfort ESMA Visual Effects 165   0   1  
Julien Giard
julien giard New3dge Visual Effects 219   0   0  
Lazare Colleville
Lazare Colleville New3dge Game Development 154   0   1  
Lucas Hoarau
Lucas Hoarau New3dge Feature Animation 353   0   1  
Nicolas Monteiro Delgado Gomes
Nicolas Monteiro Delgado Gomes New3dge Digital Illustration 559   0   1  
Noelie Girard
Noelie Girard New3dge Game Development 163   0   1  
Owein Pourre
Owein Pourre EPIIC Digital Illustration 113   0   0  
Ozgur Bayindir
Ozgur Bayindir New3dge Game Development 116   0   0  
Romain Cabané
Romain Cabané lidem 3D Motion Graphics 185   0   1  
Timothée Maron
Timothée Maron ESMA Feature Animation 1230   0   1  
Vincent Gladine
Vincent Gladine Bellecour Ecole Game Development 1030   0   1  
Non-Student Finalists
Scholarships applications were accepted by non-students who are not eligible for Rookie accounts. Follow this link to see additional finalists for this scholarship.

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