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Feature Animation Finalists - 2018

Hand selected by the official judging team
and displayed alphabetically.
All Finalists
Aaron Skinner
Aaron Skinner CG Spectrum Feature Animation 590   0   0  
Adrien Communier
Adrien Communier ESMA Feature Animation 1126   0   1  
Aldric Lopez
Aldric Lopez AnimSchool Feature Animation 3564   0   1  
Alvaro Zabala
Alvaro Zabala Gnomon Feature Animation 3138   0   1  
Anno Schachner
Anno Schachner Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Feature Animation 462   0   1  
Benjamin Francois
Benjamin Francois ESMA Feature Animation 1401   0   1  
Caroline Ng
Caroline Ng Gnomon Feature Animation 808   0   1  
Ching Tien Chu
Ching Tien Chu School of Visual Arts Feature Animation 321   0   1  
Courtney Chun
Courtney Chun Gnomon Feature Animation 607   0   1  
Eric McDonald
Eric McDonald Vancouver Film School Feature Animation 363   0   1  
Kristina Tsenova
Kristina Tsenova Glasgow Caledonian University Feature Animation 453   0   1  
Lisa Schachner
Lisa Schachner Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Feature Animation 474   0   1  
Lydia Joubert
Lydia Joubert ESMA Feature Animation 549   0   1  
Meike Mueller
Meike Mueller Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Feature Animation 262   0   1  
Nicolas Grondin
Nicolas Grondin ESMA Feature Animation 568   0   1  
Nicole Ales
Nicole Ales Gnomon Feature Animation 691   0   1  
Sam Traynor
Sam Traynor Arts University Bournemouth Feature Animation 225   0   0  
Timothée Maron
Timothée Maron ESMA Feature Animation 1230   0   1  
Victor Hayé
Victor Hayé ECV - Ecole de Communication Visuelle Feature Animation 268   0   0  
Zeinab (Zana) Farran
Zeinab (Zana) Farran Vancouver Film School Feature Animation 1832   0   2  

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