Web and Mobile Winners for 2017

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Rookie of the Year – Winner
Ziwei Wang

I am Ziwei, a User Experience designer with a passion for understanding why people do what they do. I enjoy crafting vibrant products and engaging user experience that empower people to explore the world with new eyes, yet still keep the balance between creative and business strategy.

Canada, Vancouver | Vancouver Film School, Digital Design
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Rookie of the Year – Runner Up
Mihaela Kandeva

My name is Mihaela and I am a User Experience and Interaction Designer located in Vancouver. I’m driven by creating immersive and engaging user centered experiences for emerging technologies. I have a penchant for methodologies and flair for creative improvisation which contribute to the development of various interactive prototypes.

Canada, Vancouver | Vancouver Film School, Digital Design
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Judges Comments

Mihaela Kandeva showed us what it means to truly move cross-discipline to create the most interesting possible experience.
Damjan Stankovic
It is incredible to see they¬†didn’t simply copy a style of any particular popular app, but somewhat came up with their¬†own style and approach.
Damjan Stankovic

People’s Choice Award
Sukhwinder Singh

Voted by the general public using our Facebook Gallery voting system.

I’m a UX/UI Designer based in Vancouver, BC. with more than 5 years of experience building mobile applications and website design. I designed more than 50 mobile applications that are available on the app store. I think about the big picture and start my process with research. I like to discover patterns of human behavior and prefer to start usability testing sooner rather than later. I love to listen people feedback and I base my design decisions on quantitative and qualitative data.

Canada, Vancouver | Vancouver Film School, Diploma in Digital Design.
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